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UPDATED: 27th July 2017

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs below, please read our rehoming policies below, before applying to adopt.

*Special Appeal*

Apollo has been in our care for quite some time now, he arrived back in November 2016. Apollo came from the stray pound so we don't know a lot about him, he is a large middle aged crossbreed (no boxer in him), we are not sure what breeds are in him. As we have got to know Apollo is is apparently he has never been a family pet, we feel that Apollo is used to living a live of either living outside as a gard/yard dog, or similar. He has very high guarding instincts and is not overly keen to seek out attention or affection from humans, he much prefers his own space and a kong to play with! He happily entertains himself for hours with his kong. Although he does form a bond with 1 person once he knows you but he will also guard that person too. For this reason, we are looking for a special kid of home for him, he is not looking to be a family pet. We are looking for either a Sanctuary space or someone with land or a farm for him to plod about on. He cannot come into contact with children or visitors or other dogs. If you would like more info or to discuss Apollo please get in touch. He is currently in Ormskirk


Barnaby is a 3 year old boxer cross who came to us from the stray pound. He is a lovely friendly daft boy who will be great for an active home. He needs further training on the lead as he does get very excitable. We have not yet tested him properly with other dogs but he is quite reactive to them on lead so a home with no other dogs will be best, as he was a stray he also needs a home with no young children (15+ only). He is great in the house and will make a great companion. Barnaby is currently in kennels in Ormskirk. 


These gorgeous girls are Maddie & Tara. Maddie is 8 (9 in August) and Tara is 9 (10 in December). They are looking for a retirement home together where they can just relax and enjoy their home comforts. Both girls are on the large side so will need a low calorie diet and healthy treats only. They are extremely loving cuddly girls who don't ask for much. They are great with other dogs but it would not be fair on them to live in a house with young bouncy dogs, an older calm dog would be fine, also children, although they are good with kids we would prefer a home with adults where they can just enjoy their retirement in peace.


Gorgeous little Peggy is a very sweet 6 year old boxer girl, although she does appear to be a bit older due to her nature. She is a chilled out girl who is looking for a calm home where she can relax and enjoy her home comforts, she is laid back and loves a cuddle. We would prefer a home with no young children and although she is good with other dogs, older laid back dogs would be preferred. She is good in the home and good on the lead too



Fifi came to us from a stray pound, where, like many other dogs, her life had been at risk simply because of overcrowding. A young female boxer cross, she was placed in kennels for initial assessment and found to be a lovely, well-adjusted, happy little girl who thankfully coped well with being in kennels (as you know, many boxers don't do so well). After an application to foster with a view to adopt, kennels and Joey's Legacy behavioural assessments and a successful meet and greet with the potential foster family and resident dog, Fifi went off to her foster home in December. She was spayed and recovered in her foster home. She settled in incredibly well and everyone in the home was delighted with how quickly she and the resident dog bonded. Unfortunately, less than two weeks into the placement, an incident occurred which is said to have stemmed from a fight between the two dogs over some food. The incident resulted in an injury being sustained by an adult in the home, with that injury said to have been caused by Fifi. We don't know the exact circumstances of the accident as the only witness was the individual who was injured. Unfortunately we will never know exactly what happened as Police evidence revealed several different accounts of the circumstances. Both dogs from the location were seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act and examined by vets (the police were informed of the incident by the ambulance service). Merseyside Police contacted us at Christmas to confirm that the resident dog would be returned to the owner and that their recommendation to the Court was that Fifi be ordered to be destroyed, and our founder Nicky Heeley prosecuted under Section 4 of the Dangerous Dogs Act for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control.
Our trustees and volunteers, having had personal experience of Fifi's presentation and behaviour, were clear that this incident was nothing more than a horrible accident and that Fifi was never a dangerous dog; she was a dog who had behaved as most dogs can reasonably be expected to behave in a given situation. We therefore refused to sign Fifi's death warrant, and so the fight to save her life for a second time began.

After many months of gathering information and formulating legal submissions and evidence, which included glowing reports concerning Fifi's temperament from a number of professionals, support from our friends at Carla Lane Animals in Need (with particular thanks, as always, to Fran Ellis for her valuable input), unquestioning financial and moral support from our Joey's family, tears and sleepless nights for our trustees and, most of all, the priceless legal representation, expertise, desire for justice and love for dogs for which James Parry and the PWL team are famous, today we were finally vindicated. We managed to convince the Court that Fifi does not - and never did - deserve to die. She will live the rest of her life with some simple conditions which must be met so that she, and we, can fulfil the Court's order. Fifi must always wear a muzzle and lead in public, this means when travelling in the car too. To avoid anything like this EVER happening again, Fifi will only be rehomed to a home with no other dogs, no children and no cats or small animals, despite her good nature with all people and other dogs we will not put her in a position where there is the possibility of there being any conflict between dogs.

The emotional toll of this process has been significant, but letting Fifi be sentenced to death when she had simply been a victim of circumstance herself was never an option. We never saw ourselves facing this battle, but as an organisation we will always strive to do what is right by our own dogs, and dogs generally.

When a dog becomes a Joey's dog, we promise we will keep them safe for life. Fifi is no exception.

*Now in foster with a view to adopt*


We desperately need a foster for bindi. She is an american bulldog crossbreed. Ideally we would love someone who may also consider adopting her. Bindi is such a sweet little girl but she has fear related issues towards unknown people and dogs. She has been in rehab and her confidence had improved so much. She is happy to live with other dogs once she knows them but will need slow gradual introductions so will need to be kept separate for the first week. Bindi needs a quiet home without many visitors coming and going and also no cats or children