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UPDATED: 3rd Jan 2019

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs below, please read our rehoming policies below, before applying to adopt


Lucia is a 6 year old boxer girl. She is a very chilled out girl who walks well on the lead. Lucia has sadly recently been returned to us due to snapping a couple of times. She is not comfortable at all around children and can be weary of new people inside her home so visitors will need to ignore her and give her space. Lucia loves to play with her toys and loves her home comforts. She really is an extremely loving happy girl but just needs to find someone who understands her. She is best in a home with no other dogs or other animals. Lucia is currently in foster in Warrington


Apollo has been in our care FOR TWO YEARS :( 
He came to us from the stray pound as we were told he was a boxer cross, upon arrival it was very clear there is no boxer in him, we are pretty certain he is an akita cross american bulldog. He definitely has Akita trains and is very aloof and protective of his home. He is super chilled out in the house and will happily sleep the day away in front of the fire. He is not particularly bothered by lots of fuss and attention. Apollo is great with women, but he is not keen on men until he knows and trusts them. Apollo is easy to manage in the home, when people come to the door he must be put out into the kitchen or similar. The one MASSIVELY IMPORTANT rule is to never allow him to greet people at the door (men or women) or allow new people to approach and stroke him when out on walks, he does not like fuss from strangers, we have not seen any problems with women, only men, but with this one rule in place he really will not be hard to manage at all as this is the only area we have seen issues with him, apart from this he has been absolutely perfect, completely house trained, chilled out, none destructive, lazy boy. He happily entertains himself for hours with his kong. Once he has bonded you he is an extremely sweet dog, he is very obedient and loves his treats. He is a calm placid boy who really isn't too much trouble at all once you get to know him. As he is protective of his owner and home he does need the right type of home with experience of dogs like him. We are looking for either a quiet home without people coming and going all of the time, maybe someone who lives alone and is looking for a companion. He would also do well living in a Sanctuary or someone with land or a farm for him to plod about on. He cannot come into contact with children or visitors or other dogs. If you would like more info or to discuss Apollo please get in touch. He is currently in Ormskirk. H e is looking for either a temporary foster home until a permanent home is found, or a permanent adoptive home


Cuba is a very sweet 9 year old boxer girl with a cute little curly tail! Cuba is a very loving dog once settled and she trusts you. She likes lots of attention and will seek you out for attention. She likes to follow you everywhere but will settle in whatever room you are in. Cuba loves going out for a walk and is surprisingly spritely for 9 years old, often bouncing round the house when walk is mentioned. She pulls briefly on the lead but soon calms and walks very well at the side of you. She does tire quickly on walks so just enjoys a gentle stroll to the park and back.She thoroughly enjoys a bit of freedom on the long line. We have not tested Cubas recall yet while on the long lead. Cuba does not like other dogs and will bark and snarl when she sees one on a walk, she is easily distracted from them however sometimes it is hard to move her away because she is very strong and will pull towards the other dog. She is very food orientated and will guard chew treats until she’s eaten them. Cuba came to us as a pair with Dexter, but we have come to the decision that they will be happier being rehomed separately, this is not a decision we take lightly and we would NEVER split a bonded pair, but Cuba has on numerous occasions, snapped, growled and been aggressive towards Dexter. They do not rely on eachother and when Dexter went to be castrated, Cuba didnt even notice he was gone! She much prefers her home comforts while Dexter is a big bouncy lad wanting to play. Cuba likes comfort and enjoys sleeping on the sofa or blankets. She snores very loudly! Cuba is very good with children, she is gentle and enjoys to be stroked by them as long as they are aware of the rules about her paws, which are, dont touch them! Cuba will let those that she trusts touch her paws, ears and mouth. However she took a disliking to the vets as most dogs do, so has to be muzzled at vet visits. Cuba enjoys her food and will often try to eat Dexters when she has finished hers. She isn’t destructive and doesn’t chew but will destroy a soft toy if given to her but wouldn’t steal one of the kids soft toys. She loves balls and will guard them. Cuba will bark at the front door and run to greet whoever is there. She will go outside for the toilet when she wants and needs to go. She won’t go on command, especially if it is raining. Cuba will sit and give both paws and sometimes a high 5, if the reward is good enough. She will not got and lie down or get down off furniture if told too. Cuba likes to play hide and seek with her foster dad, she enjoys trying to find him somewhere in the house then getting a treat at the end! Cuba has old scarring on her eyes, from un treated eye ulcers, this possibly does effect her vision a bit but it doesnt bother her!


Boston is a stunning 12 month old boy who came to us from China
He is a cane corso but we are convinced there is boxer in him, he has the boxer nature and size as well as looks. Boston is brilliant with everyone he has met, he mixes well with other dogs but his excitement can sometimes go a bit too far and he will push his luck, so he would not be suited to live with a dominant dog, he gets on well with Ludo who he travelled over to the UK with, but Ludo is extremely daft and submissive. 
Ideally we would like him to be homed as an only dog but we may consider homing him with another if the home is experienced enough and if the resident dog is the right match for him. He needs a home with no children under 13 and no cats


Ludo is a 9 month old cane corso who came to us from china. He is a big excitable pup who is great with other dogs, he would do well living with another dog as he loves to play, but also a dog who will teach him the ropes. He is very big and boisterous and does need some training, he can be quite mouthy with excitement so this is something that will need to be worked on, for this reason he needs a home with no children, he also cannot be homed with cats. He is very good in the home and has been ok when left too. Ludo is currently in Liverpool


Stanley is a 5 yr old bulldog, he has come in to our care as he was not getting along with the resident dog in the home. For this reason he is now looking for a dog free home. He has lived with children and been fine with them. He has a typical bulldog nature, he is also on a diet as he does need to get into shape! Stanley is good in the home and on the lead. He is currently being fostered in Liverpool


Eric is 2 years old and is an energetic bouncy boy. He has lived with children and other dogs but we would prefer him to be the only dog in the home. Eric is ok when meeting other dogs on the lead but he gets easily over excited when off the lead and sometimes can't control himself, he is the same in the home with other dogs too especially if there is a knock at the door. So for this reason a dog free home would be better for him. He has not lived with cats. He is looking for either a temporary foster home until a permanent home is found, or a permanent adoptive home


This gorgeous little pudding is Amber she is a 4 year old, olde tyme bulldog cross and is in need of a foster home!  She is great in the home and is good with other dogs, although she needs a dog who is on her same level of play as this is what she loves to do and is quite full on. Amber has lived with children but can become a bit humpy with excitement so is best with older children or just adults. She has a typical stubborn bulldog nature so needs a firm but kind dog savvy foster home. She is looking for either a temporary foster home until a permanent home is found, or a permanent adoptive home


Sonny is a 5 year old, Olde Tyme Bulldog. He is an adorable boy who loves to play. Sonny is good with other dogs and children over 8. He is good in the home too and not bad on the lead. He loves his food! So will be very easy to train as food is definitely his motivation. Sonny is currently in a foster home in Liverpool


Meet the very handsome Rocco, we believe he may be a boxer, mastiff cross, he is good with other dogs and people. He was found as a stray walking along a canal, but sadly noone ever came to claim him.He is a lovely friendly boy, but sadly we cannot place him in a home with children purely due to us having no history on him.
Rocco is currently in kennels in Ormskirk. He is looking for either a temporary foster home until a permanent home is found, or a permanent adoptive home