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UPDATED: 22nd Sept 2018

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs below, please read our rehoming policies below, before applying to adopt


Lucia is a 6 year old boxer girl. She is a very chilled out girl who walks well n the lead. Lucia has sadly recently been returned to us due to snapping a couple of times. She is not comfortable at all around children and can be weary of new people inside her home so visitors will need to ignore her and give her space.  She would be ok to live with a calmer none-dominant male dog. She has also lived with cats too but can be a bit weary after being scratched by one.


Apollo has been in our care since November 2016. He came to us from the stray pound as we were told he was a boxer cross, upon arrival it was very clear there is no boxer in him, we are pretty certain he is an akita cross american bulldog. He definitely has Akita trains and is very aloof and protective of his home. He is super chilled out in the house and will happily sleep the day away in front of the fire. He is not particularly bothered by lots of fuss and attention. Apollo is great with women, but he is not keen on men until he knows and trusts them. Apollo is easy to manage in the home, when people come to the door he must be put out into the kitchen or similar. The one MASSIVELY IMPORTANT rule is to never allow him to greet people at the door (men or women) or allow new people to approach and stroke him when out on walks, he does not like fuss from strangers, we have not seen any problems with women, only men, but with this one rule in place he really will not be hard to manage at all as this is the only area we have seen issues with him, apart from this he has been absolutely perfect, completely house trained, chilled out, none destructive, lazy boy. He happily entertains himself for hours with his kong. Once he has bonded you he is an extremely sweet dog, he is very obedient and loves his treats. He is a calm placid boy who really isn't too much trouble at all once you get to know him. As he is protective of his owner and home he does need the right type of home with experience of dogs like him. We are looking for either a quiet home without people coming and going all of the time, maybe someone who lives alone and is looking for a companion. He would also do well living in a Sanctuary or someone with land or a farm for him to plod about on. He cannot come into contact with children or visitors or other dogs. If you would like more info or to discuss Apollo please get in touch. He is currently in Ormskirk


Skye is a 5 year old boxer girl. She has sadly just been returned to our care. Skye is a great inside the home but sadly she has a real dislike of children, for this reason she must be muzzled when out on walks and preferable not walked in areas where there are children. She is undergoing assessments whilst with us and behavioural training too, we are not sure what has happened in the past to make her react to children but hopefully with time and patience we can desensitise her which will make it more enjoyable to walk her too


Bruno is a 2.5 year old male Boxer. He has been in our care since Christmas 2017, he has been undergoing medical treatment for the last 5 months to get to the bottom of his stomach problems. Despite every test under the sun being done he has been diagnosed with a severe case of IBS. Bruno has to be fed an extremely strict diet, if this is not stuck to then he will develop severe diarrhoea and lose weight rapidly. It does tend to flare up now and again but settles down. Whilst in foster care he has now gained a good amount of weight and is doing a lot better. He needs a home with no children or other pets, he has snapped a couple of times as he doesnt like people getting in his face or cuddling him. For this reason we won’t home him with any children. He needs a dedicated home who have experience of the breed and someone around for most of the day. He is currently in kennels in Ormskirk lancs


Rosie is sadly looking for a new home. Rosie is the mum of our hand rear puppies from last year. We took her and dad into our care not long after the puppies were surrendered to us. She was rehomed but is sadly looking again. She is approx 3-4 years old and a boxer cross. Rosie loves lounging on the couch/in the sun etc. She is 100% house trained and will go for a wee on command before bed etc.
Rosie will steal food if it is in her line of sight or no ones watching, but never will she take from table etc if you are eating.
Rosie likes blankets and soft items to cuddle. She will go upstairs and lie on beds if there is no stair gate. She will need a secure garden as she can jump high over fences\walls etc
Rosie is fine with children and she is fine with resident dogs. But she is reactive towards other dogs when out and about. She has never been with a cat but tends to try to chase when on a walk.
Rosie is very protective of the home like most dogs and will be up at windows/doors etc should someone walk by or she hears anything. And will bark continuously. She loves playing with a popped football, she will drop ball and fetch if given sit command.  Rosie REALLY dislikes negative response, so any shouting (football game on tv) at others she will become defensive. She struggles with wheels. She dislikes tractors/buses/transit vans/shopping trolleys and most importantly electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Rosie will pull to the vehicle and try to bark at it, so walkers must be vigilant near a road as she is very strong and will pull into the road. Rosie dislikes men. Even in her own home. Her last home have begun training to have her on the lead whenever anyone enters the home. Then for everyone to ignore her. Once she is fully calm and has been ignored by visitors she is fine to be let off. This has been working and really prevents the initial reactive behaviours from her. If a male is ok and not afraid she calms quicker. Rosie CAN OPEN DOORS. Mainly ones with handles if she is on the outside and door pushes forwards. she is very intuitive and cuddly, she will stand on back legs to wrap front paws around the neck to hug you. She is fed on dry food twice a day. Rosie will sit at every road when commanded to.  Rosie is trained to wear a muzzle on walks and it will be a condition of adoption that she must wear it when outside of the house. If Rosie sees another dog (or something with wheel’s) whilst in the car she will react so is best in a crate in the boot or behind a dog guard in the boot. Rosie is not left alone often, when she is she is very very happy for you to come home and will be all over you for ages after. Rosie loves to play with her toys. However she will just stop mid way through and go to lie down! She will have her teeth cleaned. Rosie doesn’t have the lie command, but perfect at sit and wait, she will give paw and leave treat until told good girl. Rosie is a sofa girl, however she knows which ones she’s allowed on etc so needs to be made clear from the off. She is fully vaccinated and neutered.