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Meet Marley! He surprisingly came to us from the stray pound. Don't let those grey chops fool you, Marley is around 7 years old but acts like a 7 month old! He is extremely playful, loving and always on the go! He would suit an active home and could live with a female dog, he has met many different dogs at the and got on great with them all. Sadly as he was a stray we cannot home him with young children. Marley is current;ly being fostered in Liverpool, he is ok when left for a few hours and clean in the home too.


Koba is a 21 month old rottweiler boy.  He’s settled in at his foster home brilliantly, he’s such a big softie and loves a cuddle, he’s great with children and adults and enjoys a fuss. He loves his toys and always wants to play. He always gets excited when it’s time for a walk and has been known to go find his lead and bring it to us if he thinks we’re being too lazy on the sofa. He’s really good when out and about and doesn’t seem interested in other dogs when passing (every time we take him out people will stop to comment on what a stunner he is). We’ve tested him off the lead in quiet areas, he has good recall but prefers to walk along side you rather than run off on his own. He’s clean in the house and fine to be left on his own for a few hours (but he does prefer company) he also travels well in the car. Sadly Koba came to us with a limp and after x rays at the vets he has been diagnosed with early elbow dysplasia, at the moment this is managed with limited exercise, supplements and if needed, painkillers. It doesn't effect him too much right now but it may in the future. He’s an absolute star and will make a fantastic addition to the family who are lucky enough to adopt him. He cannot be homed with cats. Koba is in a foster home in Wigan.


Max and Ruby are mother and son. Max is 5 years old and Ruby has just turned 8. If you have been following their story on facebook you will know all about Ruby and her puppies, but if you haven't, a quick explanation of their story, Ruby and Max arrived with us as a bonded pair, neither had been neutered, upon examination at the vets it was confirmed Ruby was heavily pregnant, to max! There were many concerns, for both Ruby and the pups. A few days later, on the 23rd May 2019, Ruby gave birth to 8 puppies with no issues, but sadly this is where things changed, Rubys puppies began to fade one by one, they needed hand feeding and round the clock care, the first born pup, sadly passed away at 2 days old, sadly then followed by 6 more pups, leaving just one puppy surviving, luckily this little girl is doing well and she can be followed via our facebook page. Ruby has now been reunited with her son max (who has also been neutered as this will never happen again!) they were so happy to be back together again after such a traumatic time and now they deserve an amazing forever home together. Max is a typical needy boy, they are both brilliant with all people and children, Ruby isnt keen on other dogs, except max, so they will need a home with no other dogs and definitely no cats! Someone will be very lucky to adopt this 2 stunning boxers, They are currently in foster in Macclesfield.


Rio is a handsome 5 year old french bulldog. He is a typical, although feisty, Frenchie boy. He is playful and active and loves a fuss! He will need a home with someone who has experience of the breed and he needs a home with no children and no other dogs as he isn't good with either.

The following Dogs are in our care but not yet ready for adoption. Please do not apply for them just yet. You can follow their progress and availability via our facebook page or our facebook group


Hank is a stunning 2 year old Dogue De Bordeaux cross Rottweiler, he arrived with us from the stray pound. He is under assessment to determine the type of home he needs.


Rocco is a mastiff cross who came to us last year, when he arrived with us he was a big daft lovable boy who loved his walks and loved everyone he met. But sadly when adopted into his new home, he displayed issues towards new people and came back to us, sadly he has returned a different dog, he is now reactive to other dogs, all traffic, bikes, people, pretty much everything outside of the home. Rocco is due to move to a behavioural rehabilitation center soon for intense training and will not be available for adoption for quite some time but we know he can be turned around and be the happy boy he used to be