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The extremely handsome Blake is now looking for his forever home. *Please read ALL of his write up before enquiring!*
Blake is an 18 month old Neapolitan Mastiff cross Cane Corso. He arrived with us 4 months ago, but upon examination it was obvious there was a serious issue with his back hip. Sadly xrays confirmed that his hip was completely out of the socket and he will need a total hip replacement. Blake was booked in for this op but sadly he began limping and needed a cruciate ligament op on the opposite leg! So instead of his hip op Blake had his cruciate operated on instead. He has recovered extremely well from this and is now walking comfortably, but he does still need his hip replacement and although not urgent at the moment it is something we need to get organised within the next 12 months. So it is extremely important that his new home are 100% committed to his recovery after the op and are able to bring him to our vets in Liverpool to have his op done y the specialist. We will go through the details of this with any potential adopter. So now a bit about Blake and his personality! Blake is an extremely BIG and powerful boy, he is quite a doofus and will not fail to make you smile! He will need a home with someone who are experienced with large mastiff breeds and have the time to socialise him. He loves playing and he would play fetch all day long. Likes hard un-chewable toys, soft teddy’s, slippers! Likes finding treats hidden around the lounge too. He will need a home with children over 12 as he is such a big boy and about of a bulldozer who has absolutely no concept of how big he is. He is fine when left alone in the house, he may have a bit of a bark at first but settles down. He has full run of the house and chooses to sleep on the sofa, he takes himself to bed around 10–11 pm and snores like a train! He is very inquisitive- he has very good eyesight and doesn’t miss a trick. He pulls on the lead & is very powerful, he is slowly getting better, now that he’s allowed to go walkies again after his cruciate op, he needs someone strong & willing to train again, he’s an excited puppy! Blake can be a bit protective over his food bit this has settled down, he needs to know the rules and boundaries of the house and it needs to be nipped in the bud now due to his size. Blake is not good with small animals and has a high prey drive. He will bark at other dogs on walks so needs a dog free home and possibly socialisation classes as he has missed out on this in the past. Blake is currently being fostered in Holywell.


Roxy or roxy roo as we call her is 8yrs old she is a typical boxer, playful loves her toys, playing tug of war and teddies. She is great in the car and just settles down. Roxy loves going out for a walk, she does pull a bit to begin with but she does settle. She has met lots of dogs whilst in our care and has greeted them with a wagging tail but seems a bit unsure after the initial hello so training and plenty of socialising would help, we would not home her with another dog as she isn't fully comfortable with them. Sadly, when Roxy was taken into the vets for her spay, her pre op blood tests have shown that she is sadly in early stage renal failure which was a bit of a shock for us as she currently has no symptoms, but it has been caught early and there is no reason as to why she still cannot go on to find a forever home, her condition will be treated with daily medication and a special diet. We will cover the costs of anything relating to her condition so this wont have to be a worry for new owners. We are positive that Roxy can still go on to spend a good amount of time with her new owners too and we really hope that there is someone out there who is willing to offer her the home she desperately needs. The vet has advised to wait for her spay, although she will need it once stable on the medication/diet as she also needs some mammary lumps removing at the same time. Roxy is a happy girl, her tail is always wagging, she is very easy going but acts alot younger than her 8yrs. Roxy sadly only has 1 eye as she was shot when she was younger. This causes her no issues and does not effect her personality at all, she just looks a bit like a pirate 😁 Roxy has lived with children over 10. She is currently in a foster home in Warrington


Bruno is a very spritely golden oldie, at nearly 12 years old, don’t let them frosty chops fool you. He still has lots of energy for playing with his cuddly toys, tug of war and jumping and barking at the front door when anyone knocks. He loves to cuddle and will take every opportunity for a boxer snog even if your mouth is open, he likes to be close to you and will lie on you but doesn’t tolerate being man handled too much. He has some scarring on the underside of his neck which could possibly be from a choke collar and does not like being held or pulled back by his neck or collar. He will let you know that he is unhappy about this too. He is currently in foster with two dog savvy 8 year olds who know how to respect his needs. So a home with older children or no children would be advisable. Bruno will sit, give both paws and will, most of the time, obey commands to get off the furniture and go outside, with a little treat to help make his mind up. Bruno is currently being treated for a possible urine infection which caused him to drink and wee ALOT. It appears to be subsiding so we’re hoping it is just the infection causing this and nothing sinister. He has had blood tests which have come back clear and will be neutered once the antibiotics have finished. He was also suffering from reoccurring ear infections which we now have under control, they are just a bit mucky and gunky but they are looking better with cleaning. Bruno enjoys a good walk without tiring too easily, he walks well on the lead without pulling excessively. Bruno gets on well with other dogs and just wants to play but does sometimes forget how big he is and can be abit rough with smaller dogs, but will calm down if told to. Bruno loves his food and will sit and dribble while waiting for treats. Once Bruno has finished playing, barking, weeing and eating he loves to chase squirrels in his sleep. He sleeps well and will creep up onto the bed to sleep between you at night. He is currently allowed on the furniture and bed and likes his home comforts choosing to lie on anything soft and fluffy. Bruno was a model patient at the vets who said he was a very handsome boy and in very good condition for his age. Bruno is known to be quite a Houdini and can open doors which is quite handy when he lets himself out for a wee but he hasn’t quite learnt how to close the door behind him yet so external doors need to be locked to avoid a jail break 🤣 Bruno appears to have some recall but we haven’t fully tested him yet and we imagine it would be better once he is neutered. Bruno has been left alone for short periods and hasn’t been destructive and is often just snoozing on the sofa when we get in. Bruno is currently in .foster in Macclesfield

Not Yet Available For Adoption


Rocco is a mastiff cross who came to us last year, when he arrived with us he was a big daft lovable boy who loved his walks and loved everyone he met. But sadly when adopted into his new home, he displayed issues towards new people and came back to us, sadly he has returned a different dog, he is now reactive to other dogs, all traffic, bikes, people, pretty much everything outside of the home. Rocco has now moved to a behavioural rehabilitation center for intense training and will not be available for adoption for quite some time but we know he can be turned around and be the happy boy he used to be

Please follow our facebook page for updates on his progress at the rehabilitation centre, Rocco is making great progress!

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