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UPDATED: 19th Feb 2019

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs below, please read our rehoming policies below, before applying to adopt


Forever home needed for the very handsome Rocco, a 3 yr old mastiff cross. An extremely lovely friendly big boy! He was found as a stray, so although he is a lovely friendly boy, sadly we cannot place him in a home with young children due to us having no history on him. He is good in the home and has obviously been a family pet at some point 😞 Rocco does not get on with other dogs or cats. He is looking for a home with someone who has experience of large breeds as he is strong on the lead. He also needs a very secure garden. Rocco is quite underweight at the moment so needs to gain a few kilo before he is neutered. He is currently in a foster home in Warrington. If you can offer him a home, please apply to adopt


Bonnie (previously flora) is an 8 year old boxer girl who came to us from the stray pound. She arrived a bit of a mess with lumps and bumps, a bad ear infection and an untreated eye ulcer. Bonnie has been under vet treatment and is now doing brilliant, the lumps were removed and tested but good news is one was harmless and the other was a very low grade mast cell tumour but it was all removed and unlikely to return. Her eyes and ears are lots better too. Bonnie is a lovely girl but would be best as the only dog in the home, she is picky with them and prefers the attention to herself. She is great in the home, not a peep out if her at night time and she is ok when left alone. She has met cats too and not shown much interest so can possibly live with one. Children would need to be over 10. Bonnie is on incurin tablets daily as she can be a bit leaky when she is sleeping, the meds keep it under control though. If you can offer her a home, please apply to adopt


Apollo is a middle age crossbreed who has been in our care for 2 years. He has a message for you all: 

Hi all, it's me, Apollo, I think I might have been forgotten? After all none of the other dogs have been here for 2 years like me 😢 is it because I'm not a boxer? I can pretend to be if you like? I promise not to ask for much and I won't get in the way, in fact I'll let you into a secret, I'm pretty lazy and I'd just like somewhere to snooze, with the odd belly rub. I can't remember what happened to me in the past, it was a long time ago, but it's made me a bit worried around men and I dont like them getting to close till I know them well enough, but I do love the ladies ❤ The girls at the rescue said I must not have been socialized much as I'm not too sure what to make of other dogs, I don't mind walking past them in the street but I'd like a home all of my own please without other 4 leggeds, I don't know what those small 2 leggeds are either so I don't think I can live with them either. 
I do promise to be the best boy ever though! Just before christmas was lucky enough to be chosen by an amazing foster family, theyre taking care of me so well,it really was the best day of my life when they came to take me home, they've been the best thing thats happened to me and I hope their kind words about me will help my new family find me soon
Lots of love


Gorgeous Cuba is still looking for her forever home!
Cuba is a very sweet 9 year old boxer girl with a cute little curly tail! She is a very loving dog once settled and she trusts you. She likes lots of fuss and will seek you out for attention. She likes to follow you everywhere but will settle in whatever room you are in. Cuba loves going out for a walk and is surprisingly spritely for 9 years old, often bouncing round the house when walk is mentioned. She pulls briefly on the lead but soon calms and walks very well at the side of you. She does tire quickly on walks so just enjoys a gentle stroll to the park and back. Cuba thoroughly enjoys a bit of freedom on the long line but recall has not yet been tested whilst in foster. Cuba does not like other dogs and will bark when she sees one on a walk, she is easily distracted from them. Cuba likes comfort and enjoys sleeping on the sofa or blankets. She snores very loudly! Cuba is very good with children, she is gentle and enjoys to be stroked by them as long as they are aware of the rules about her paws, which are, don’t touch them! Cuba will let those that she trusts touch her paws, ears and mouth. However she took a disliking to the vets as most dogs do, so has to be muzzled at vet visits. Cuba isn’t destructive and doesn’t chew but will destroy a soft toy if given to her but wouldn’t steal one of the kid’s soft toys. She loves balls and will guard them. Cuba will bark at the front door and run to greet whoever is there. She will go outside for the toilet when she wants and needs to go. She has recently been diagnosed as incontinent but takes a tablet daily to control this and is absolutely fine. Cuba will sit and give both paws and sometimes a high 5, if the reward is good enough. She will not go and lie down or get down off furniture if told too. Cuba likes to play hide and seek with her foster dad, she enjoys trying to find him somewhere in the house then getting a treat at the end! Cuba has old scarring on her eyes, from un treated eye ulcers, this possibly does effect her vision a bit but it doesnt bother her! If you can offer her a home, please apply to adopt 


Boston is a stunning 12 month old boy
He is a cane corso but we are convinced there is a lot of boxer in him, he has the boxer nature and size as well as looks. Boston is brilliant with everyone he has met, he mixes well with other dogs but his excitement can sometimes go a bit too far and he will push his luck, so he would not be suited to live with a dominant dog. He is great in the home and ok when left. He needs a home with no children under 13 and no cats
If you are interested in adopting please apply to adopt


Lacey is a lovely little 4 year old boxer cross. She has unfortunately come back into our care as her and her sister were no longer getting along. Lacey would benefit from being the only dog in the home but she loves going out for walks and is not too bad with other dogs if she is out on her own but she will react if they react first. She loves her treats especially gravy bones. She loves chasing after the ball and retrieving but we have not let her off lead in an open area as her recall can easily be distracted by other dogs, birds, squirrels, cats etc – She is very loving but on times wants to be left alone with no fuss. She loves toys and has been good with all children who range from age 2 up to 13. She is good in the home and is toilet trained. She loves sitting in the chair next to the front window and watch the world go by – she does not want to be left out and is always there to investigate sometime new. In the kitchen you need to watch her as she likes to stand up against the units especially if food is left in the edge of the worktop. She does not bark a lot but sometimes will in excitement – she loves visitors but can get very excited but does calm down after short while – she loves her toys, especially those that squeak! Broccoli is a favourite of hers and she will steal it from shopping bags if youre not quick enough🤭
Lacey is currently in a foster home in Wigan. Can you offer her a home? Please apply to adopt


Charlie is a 5 year old boxer boy who is looking for a new home. He has a lovely temperament, he loves playing with his toys and he loves exercise although he is quite strong on the lead. He is a very loving affectionate dog. Charlie has not lived with children or cats but is ok with other dogs although he has never lived with one. He would be ok to live with a calmer dog or in a dog free home. Charlie is good in the home and generally a joy to be around. If you can offer him a home please apply to adopt